NetWatch FAQ

Does NetWatch require an Apple Watch?

Yes, it does. All information are displayed on the watch.


How can I install NetWatch on my Apple Watch?

Open the Companion App then open “NetWatch” in the App selector and switch both lines on !


Is the iPhone app of any use?

Yes it is ! It will help you understand the color code of the display and you can also rate us !


Can I add it to Glances?

Yes and it’s faster than flash ! (You know, the red & yellow guy)


Does NetWatch know when I’m charging my iPhone?

Not yet 🙁 But someone told me that the team is working on it !


How accurate does it display my iPhone battery?

As accurate as the information shown on your iPhone.


Why is the pourcentage on NetWatch and on my iPhone different ?

For example if the iPhone battery is 54.7% then it will display 55% but NetWatch will display 54%. And it is normal !

The data can only be retrieve like this from the system. Thanks Apple !


Why,when I am abroad, the Network name is not right ?

That is Roaming. The name displayed is always the one of your mobile carrier.  Apple rule dude !


How can I access options on the watch?

Go in the Watch App and use the Force ! Or may I say use Force touch 😉


Why don’t you show the force of the signal as you are Padawans ?

There is a greater force in the universe that doesn’t allow it. And this force is called Apple !


Why don’t you propose notifications for the battery status ?

Well, other apps do … But do it wrong ! At Padawanlab we prefer to propose only well think and well design functions.

One more thing… do you love crappy things ?



If your problem differs from this list please feel free to contact us on twitter @Padawanlab or via the address