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Today we’re launching a new Post category.

It’s called “DIY or Not“.
As you guess, we’ll give you some tutorial to let you create by yourself some simple yet cool accessories for your wonderful iDevices… Or you could buy them from our (soon to be) online store.

Let’s start this new category with a trick for your brand new Apple Pencil + iPad .

Here is what you’ll get

Cool no? With this you’ll be able to take your Apple Pencil with you anytime/anywhere without the hassle of (literally) carrying the pencil (in your hand, pocket, bag, etc.)

What you need

How to do it

Step 1: find the magnet spot on your SmartCover

The first step is to find the right spot(s) on the SmartCover. There are several possibilities, so choose the one you want (I personally like the one on the side of the iPad {see photos below}).

Just put the 3 magnets on the cover to find the right spot.

Step 2: Choose the position of the Heat Shrink Tube and Magnets

Once you’ve choose what spot is the best, just slide the Heat Shrink Tube between the SmartCover and Magnets. Then slide the Apple Pencil inside the tube.

Step 3: Heat it

Almost done. Now that everything is in place… just heat the whole thing so the Heat Shrink tube shrinks around the Apple Pencil.

ATTENTION : when you heat the thing, be careful. Don’t put the heater too close to the SmartCover. I encourage you to put a sheet of paper (or tissu) on the SmartCover as you heat the pencil to avoid bad surprise.

Also, be careful, your Pencil will become quite hot. But it won’t be damaged in the process. Just don’t touch it just after you finished to shrink the tube..

The best part: We give it away (this time only)

Because it’s the very first “DIY or Not” post, we want to make it a nice event… That’s why we’ll giveaway a DIY Kit to 500 of you.
To get you FREE KIT*, just click the button below and fill the form.


That’s it!!! We hope you’ve enjoy this very first “DIY or Not” and please fell free to share with us the results of your “work” on social networks with the Hashtag #PadawanDIY (Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter)

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